Building Information Modelling (BIM) is an integral part of the future of design, construction, and facilities management. Caddell recognized the importance of BIM and committed the resources to become BIM proficient.

“This technology is changing the way we design, build, manage, and maintain projects in the 21st Century.  The major cost, schedule, quality, safety and operations benefits for our customers have been very impressive.”

– Mike Dean, Director of Virtual Design & Construction

Extensive BIM experience and expertise:

Caddell has worked with architects/engineers, owners, and subcontractors on dozens of major projects with extensive BIM applications including 3D visualization, coordination of design elements and trades, and schedule validation.

Wide range of BIM proficiency:

Caddell has the flexibility to utilize a wide variety of BIM products to fulfill BIM functions and is keeping pace with the rapid advances in emerging BIM technologies and standards. We are among the very few contractors with employees completing the AGC BIM Education Program to obtain their Certificate of Management – Building Information Modeling (CM-BIM).

Scheduling with BIM: 

Caddell uses BIM with Primavera validate and improve our scheduling services.  The project team is able to visualize complicated schedule sequences, identify space-time conflicts, avoid safety risks, and make efficient schedule adjustments.

BIM and facilities maintenance: 

Owners seek the benefits of BIM for their facility maintenance and operations requirements. Caddell is currently implementing BIM on projects that will allow facility operators to point and click on the BIM elements to see the specifications for individual materials, parts, and equipment. This can replace often voluminous and cumbersome maintenance manuals.