Caddell Construction power systems at Correctional Facilities

Power Systems
Correctional Centers

POWER SYSTEMSat Correctional Centers Project Scope Caddell has managed the design/build of major federal correctional complexes which are designed to operate as independent communities .  For the two most recent correctional facility projects  (2013, 2012) the emergency buss is served...
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Caddell Construction power systems

Power Systems

POWER SYSTEMS At Embassies Project Scope Almost all of Caddell’s 30+ U.S. Embassy and Consulate projects have involved a major MEP scope of work including central energy plants and extensive redundant power systems.  Although the Government does not permit publication...
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Resource Recovery Facility
Hennepin County, MN

RESOURCE RECOVERY FACILITYHennepin County, MN Project Scope Scope included the design, construction, and operation of a waste-to-energy facility with the capacity to process 365,000 tons of waste per year. Plant includes two solid waste combustion systems. each having a capacity...
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Cooling Towers
Aircraft Testing Facility
Arnold AFB, TN

COOLING TOWERS AT AIRCRAFT TESTING FACILITYArnold AFB, TN Project Scope Design/build of process water cooling system at a sophisticated testing facility. The enhanced 12-cell 300,000 gpm process water cooling complex features massive 40-ft. fans, dozens of 30-inch valves, specialized pumps,...
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Anhydrous Fuel Ethyl Alcohol Plant
Myrtle Grove, LA

ANHYDROUS FUEL ETHYL ALCOHOL PLANT Myrtle Grove, LA Project Scope Construction management project involved design and construction of an anhydrous alcohol production facility with a production capacity of 40,000,000 US gallons annually produced from grain corn. The plant consisted of...
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Power Systems Testing & Development Center
Wilsonville, AL

POWER SYSTEMS TESTING & DEVELOPMENT CENTERWilsonville, AL Project Scope Equipment erection services for a unique power systems R&D facility developed through a partnership between the DOE, the Southern Company, and various power industry equipment vendors. The sophisticated complex is exploring...
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Caddell Construction Project- Pine Bluff

Central Incinerator Complex
Pine Bluff Arsenal, AR

CENTRAL INCINERATOR COMPLEXPine Bluff Arsenal, AR Project Scope Caddell installed a new state-of-the-art air pollution control system at this high-tech central incineration facility for disposal of chemical weapons components and other dangerous materials. Using a carefully sequenced approach, Caddell installed...
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