C-5A HangarWestover AFB, MA

Project Scope

Construction of massive 106,000-SF hangar able to fully enclose a single C-5A transport—one of the military’s largest aircraft. Complex steel erection was a major element of the building’s construction. Trusses weighing up to 126 tons were assembled on the ground and hoisted into place. A total of 3,000 tons of structural steel was required for the building’s frame. An extensive detection network and a sophisticated fire suppression system capable of filling the hangar with aqueous film forming foam at the rate of 1200 gallons per minute were also significant parts of the project. A special treatment plant separates the glycol de-icing solution from its water base and recycles the glycol. Doors at each end of the hangar are made up of six 30-ton panels, each with electrical drives that power the doors along the floor rails.


U.S. Army Corps of Engineers


General Contractor