2700 Lagoon Park Dr., Montgomery, AL 36109 | 334.272.7723
Federal Correctional Institution  Aliceville, AL

Customer: Federal Bureau of Prisons

Design/build of a new medium-security prison for women housing fully 1/8 of all U.S. federal women prisoners. The 650,000-SF facility on a 260-acre site houses 1600+ inmates and features state-of-the-art security systems. Also included is a federal prison camp located outside the security perimeter for low-risk prisoners. Performed as a 50/50 Joint Venture.   $192.9M

Highlights: ♦Outstanding safety with 2,012,792 MHs with only one lost-time accident. ♦FBOP issued ZERO quality deficiencies and omissions. ♦Winner of Department of Justice’s 2009 Small Business Award. ♦Certified USGCB LEED Silver. ♦Completed on-schedule. ♦High level of Owner satisfaction.