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With more than 35 years and $11+ billion in Government projects, Caddell remains the contractor of choice for the full range of federal, state, county, and municipal agencies.  We have built some of the largest, most complex, technologically sophisticated, secure, and beautiful Government projects in the world including courthouses, laboratories, hospitals, R&D centers, stadiums, convention centers, airports, embassies, roads, offices, bridges, prisons, schools, dormitories, residential neighborhoods, and every conceivable kind of facility for the U.S. military.  Our experience and expertise in this market is second to none and our reputation for superior customer service is recognized by our Government customers and our industry peers and competitors.

Most of our international projects have been for the U.S. State Department, although we have built major facilities for other private and public customers.

What does it take to execute this highly specialized work?

  • LOGISTICS – Delivering personnel, equipment, and materials to often remote and logistically challenging locations with few resources.
  • SECURITY – Maintaining strict security/privacy protocols for project information, personnel, and communications.
  • SAFETY & TRAINING – Bringing safe work practices to countries with weak safety cultures.
  • CULTURE – Respecting host country cultures and working with local leaders to serve community needs and maximize local participation.
  • FLEXIBILITY –  Customizing and constantly adapting project execution plans to extremes of weather, health risks from vector borne disease and poor air and water quality, crime, and unstable political environments.

Caddell has earned a solid reputation for excellence with the Navy, Corps of Engineers, GSA, State Department, U.S. Air Force, Department of Energy, FBI, Federal Bureau of Prisons, Veterans Administration, and a whole host of state, county, and municipal agencies nationwide.

What has been the key to Caddell’s success with domestic government customers for 35+ years?

  • PRINCIPLES – Understanding of guiding principles and governing regulations of Government work.
  • RELATIONSHIPS – Establishing partnerships with Government Owners and working as a team towards shared goals.
  • SAFETY  – Making safety the centerpiece of all Government projects.
  • SCHEDULES –  Meeting critical schedules for projects that serve and protect U.S. citizen.
  • QUALITY –  Building to some of the toughest quality requirements in the world.