2700 Lagoon Park Dr., Montgomery, AL 36109 | 334.272.7723
3rd Army Headquarters   Shaw AFB, SC

Customer: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers / Naval Facilities Engineering Command  / USAF

Design/build of ARCENT (Patton) Headquarters Facility (a C2F Command and Control Facility); a Headquarters Complex (similar to a supporting administrative and warehouse facility combined); Tactical Equipment Maintenance Facility; exterior covered equipment hardstand area; and parking for 90% of staffing. Total area of all facilities is approximately 321,000-SF.  One of the most technologically sophisticated and advanced command facilities in the military featuring state-of-the-art communications and data-processing systems.  $106.1M

Highlights: ♦The Headquarters Complex and TEMF were Certified as USGBC LEED Gold. ♦Winner of National 2011 NAVFAC Design Award. ♦Construction proceeded without interruption at a very congested site. ♦One of the three buildings (HHC) was completed one year early.