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Military Family Housing Phases I, II, IV, V, VI  Tyndall AFB, FL

Customer: Department of the Air Force

Design/build of five major phases for this massive project that included construction of 263 new units.  A major focus of project design was the preservation of nearby wetlands and minimal interference to the natural topography and flora at the site.  Caddell worked closely with the architect to design home sites and roadways that were a complement to the existing landscape.  Energy efficient HVAC systems were selected for installation throughout the complex with an emphasis on low energy consumption and low maintenance performance. Whenever possible, Caddell used building materials containing recycled elements including insulation, structural fiberboard, laminated paperboard products, ceiling tile, lay-in ceiling panels, cement, concrete, concrete laminated paperboard products, carpet, and floor tile.  Passive solar design concepts were incorporated into the design of this complex.  $35M for all phases.