2700 Lagoon Park Dr., Montgomery, AL 36109 | 334.272.7723
Military Family Housing   Malmstrom AFB, MT

Customer: United States Air Force

Design/build of a new housing development consisting of 84 new residences—70 two-story duplexes and 14 single-story units. Involved extensive demolition of existing structures and installation of new utilities and site infrasturture. The units incorporated five different floor plans and were constructed of wooden pre-fabricated panels and trusses erected over cast-on-place concrete foundation walls.  The exterior finishes were primarily steel lap siding with vinyl door and window accent trim, with heavily insulated doors and wood-clad insulated casement windows.  The housing complex was further enhanced through elaborate landscaping and three multi-use recreation and “tot-lot” areas.  The compound was enclosed on two sides by a decorative masonry block privacy wall.  $16.5M