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Wallace Creek Barracks  Camp Lejeune, NC

Customer: Naval Facilities Engineering Command 

Design and construction, in a 50/50 joint venture, of a new 570,000-SF barracks and office complex involving 16 separate structures on a 225-acre site.  Stands as one of the largest barracks and administrative complexes in the history of construction at Camp Lejeune.  Scope included: four 4-story BEQs; two 5-Story BEQs; two headquarters buildings; mess hall; motor transport bldg.; armory; warehouse; telecommunications bldg.; career counseling center offices; chapel; a road and bridge; central energy plant; and health and safety offices.  $194.6M

Highlights: ♦Final CCASS Rating of Outstanding. ♦Simultaneous work at multiple sites with 400+ concurrent craft workers and 20 subcontractors. ♦Zero lost-time accidents after 1 million+ project man hours.