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SATOC Trainee Barracks  Fort Benning, GA

Customer: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Caddell, in joint venture with Clark Construction, designed and constructed twenty new barracks, four battalion headquarters, two dining facilities, a brigade headquarters, a central energy plant, and additional storage facilities (over 1 million total square feet).  Involved the simultaneous design/build of two equivalent barracks complexes on separate 100-acre sites with each JV partner managing their respective complex.  Among the largest barracks complexes in the Army. Constructed adjacent to sensitive environmental areas including wetlands and endangered species habitat.   $247M

Highlights: ♦Final CCASS Rating of Outstanding. ♦Outstanding safety performance with more than 1,657,478 man hours and a total frequency rate of only 0.7. ♦Project completed in just 610 days despite massive sitework and placement of 1,000,000-SF of new facilities.