2700 Lagoon Park Dr., Montgomery, AL 36109 | 334.272.7723

Customer: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Design/build of a new three-level, L-shaped Bachelor Enlisted Quarters (BEQ) providing living accommodations for 440 Navy Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) personnel attending the EOD School.  Each of the 110 suites provides two private sleeping rooms, walk-in closets, a shared bathroom and kitchenette. $22.7M.

Highlights: ♦Perfect Safety record with Zero OSHA recordables.  Earned two Quarterly Safety Awards for Eglin. ♦Designed and built to LEED Gold. ♦Exceptional quality including Level-5 drywall finishing throughout. ♦High-level of Owner and Tenant satisfaction. ♦Overcame some severe challenges to the schedule to achieve on-time completion.