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108th ADA Barracks   Fort Bragg, NC

Customer: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Design/build of a new 492,166-SF barracks and operations complex that serves 672 personnel.  Project scope included four new four-story barracks buildings (each 72,000-SF); two 16,400-SF battalion headquarters buildings; a 40,000-SF brigade headquarters; fourteen company operations facilities (housed in four separate buildings, all including armories and secure weapons storage facilities); warehouse facilities; and vehicle/equipment maintenance facilities. $99.7M

Highlights: ♦Final CCASS Rating of Outstanding. ♦Completed 15 days early. ♦Completed under budget. ♦Certified LEED-Silver. ♦717,000 man hours and only one lost-time accident.  Named Fort Bragg Mega Safety Contractor of the Year. ♦Exceeded all small business and disadvantaged small business subcontracting goals.