The Caddell Construction family, past and present, mourns the loss of Joyce Kirby Caddell, wife of John Caddell and a co-founder of Caddell Construction more than 34 years ago.  She worked side-by-side with John and the original “Caddell pioneers” to successfully launch the company which today is recognized as a major international construction firm with projects worldwide.  For the first three years, the company operated from the Caddell family home.

“Some of my best memories are from the initial years when we operated from our house. We were all working so hard and sharing our lives in such an intimate way. Despite surrendering most of my privacy and giving my house over to what ended up being 23 people; we were such a close family. We were all working towards the same goals with the special bond that comes from starting something new. I had phone lines crisscrossing hallways and there were the constant sounds of telephones, typewriters, cars, and slamming doors. But I was happy because I was an integral part of those activities and a key member of the team myself.”  Joyce Caddell.

John and Joyce Caddell travelled the world and moved among their beloved homes in Montgomery, Alabama; Jackson Hole, Wyoming; and St. George Island, Florida. They also shared a passion for giving back to their community and touched the lives of thousands through the John & Joyce Caddell Foundation and generous donations to a wide array of charitable, cultural, and educational organizations.

Joyce Caddell passed away peacefully at her home on March 10, 2017.  She is survived by her husband John, five children, seven grandchildren, and five great-grandchildren.

“My bride of 65 years, my wife Joyce, has been my rock and my greatest encourager.  Marrying her was the best decision of my life.” John Caddell.