Caddell Construction Co. celebrated Safety Week 2017 in Maythe third consecutive year that Caddell has set aside an entire week at each of its projects worldwide to focus on safety awareness and performance.  This year, there were Caddell Safety Week celebrations in Moscow, Brussels, The Hague, Turkmenistan, Mauritania, Sri Lanka, Dhahran, Kabul, and at all Caddell domestic U.S. projects.  An estimated 5000 people participated in safety luncheons, motivational speeches, seminars, and various training and incentive programsall with the goal of keeping safety as Caddell’s number one priority and continuing to improve on Caddell’s outstanding safety performance.

Highlights included an address by Dale Powell, the Safety Director for NAVFAC’s entire Southeast Division as part of Safety Week at the $153M+ Goose Creek Nuclear Training Facility project in Charleston, South Carolina.   Also present at Goose Creek was Caddell’s Safety Director, Tim Stout.  Tim delivered his annual Safety Week speech praising the project’s excellent safety record and reminding each individual in his audience of their importance and special role at Caddell.  “We regard every single Caddell worker as an intrinsically valuable and unique individual and so we place great emphasis on YOUR safety and health.  Work safe and return home safe and sound each day to your families and we will have fulfilled our number one goal on this and all of our jobs. Safety First. Safety Always.”  Tim Stout

Safety Week was started by a group of general contractors and has since been embraced by the major construction associations (ABC and AGC), insurance companies, project owners, and others who recognize the importance of construction safety.  The response from Caddell customers has been extremely positive.  And according to Caddell Safety Director Tim Stout, Safety Week has yielded real safety benefits in both awareness and performance.  “I know that Safety Week has helped our program and my colleagues at other construction companies concur.  Safety Week has real value and we intend to continue celebrating it each year.”

Caddell is recognized as an industry leader in safety.  With an EMR far below the national average for more than 14 years, winner of every major national safety award, and a trailblazer regarding safety innovation, Caddell continues to keep worker safety as its #1 priority.

About Caddell: Established in 1983 and headquartered in Montgomery, Alabama, Caddell Construction Company is an international, full-service design/build contractor for projects in the federal (U.S. State Department, Dept. of Defense, GSA, DOE, FBOP, Dept. of Justice), commercial, and industrial/power sectors.  With more than $10 billion in current and completed projects in 32 countries and every region of the U.S., Caddell is recognized as an international leader in construction safety, quality, security, and schedule performance.